House rules


  1. La Vega Rural check-in time is from 4pm to 9pm. If you need to check-in later ask previously.
  2. Check-out is at 12pm.
  3. Please respect the tranquillity of the place and refrain from making loud noises 
  4. If you have music outside of the house, it must have a low volume and from 10pm music may not be outside, it must be inside at a moderate volume.
  5. Please be respectful and leave the furniture as you found it (be it indoors or outdoors).
  6. Use the baskets and bins that are found outside the house for such use.
  7. The number of people with access to the house needs to be agreed with the owner prior to your stay.
  8. Smoking is not allowed inside the house. Smokers must deposit their cigarette stubs in the ashtrays that are located outside.
  9. Young children should be monitored at all times, especially in the pool area.
  10. Babies should wear plastic diapers in the pool.
  11. In case of bringing pets, there must be prior consent with the owner; the animals cannot enter the lawn area and their waste should be duly removed from the community areas of the house.
  12. In the pool area, glass is not allowed. There are plastic cups for your use.
  13. Fireworks/firecrackers are not allowed in the property.
  14. If furniture and / or structure of the house is damaged, the client must pay the invoice corresponding to its repair or replacement.
  15. In case of non-compliance with the regulations, La Vega Rural is exempt from liability for personal and material damages caused to guests and / or third parties.
  16. In case of non-compliance with the regulations, economic sanctions will be imposed.

This regulation must be accepted by the client staying at La Vega Rural by signing, attaching full name, ID number and address.

Client Signature:

Thank you for your visit!


The La Vega Rural Team wishes you a pleasant stay.

Do not hesitate to contact us during your stay, anytime you so require.