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In the house you will enjoy privacy, nature, views of the coast, the sea and Mount Teide, spring weather, the year-round pool and rural walks in the area.

For lovers of the sea and its species, you will find a lot of excursions on offer in the nearby coastal villages such as whale and dolphin watching and diving.

It is essential to visit the Teide National Park. Remember to wear a coat as the temperature drops greatly as the altitude rises. You can reserve a place on the Teide cable car in advance so you don’t miss your chance to see the spectacular views.

For shopping, the largest and closest town that offers the greatest variety of supermarkets and shops is Icod de Los Vinos, just 10 minutes by car.

The village of Icod also offers many activities of tourist and historical interest: the millennial Drago and its park, the banana museum, the Guanche museum, Lorenzo Cáceres Square with its beautiful Matrix Parish of San Marcos Evangelista, its streets and Canarian architecture… Icod also has a beach, San Marcos.
In its streets you will find a wide diversity of restaurants. 

20 minutes away you have the beautiful village of Garachico, with its emblematic Canarian buildings, the central square and its gazebo, kiosko-bar, its streets and its exquisite churches and former convents converted into libraries and hotels.
Garachico is a thriving coastal town that has natural pools “charcos”, easily accessible for the whole family. It has two small village supermarkets, several restaurants and souvenir shops.

30 min to the west, you will meet the village of Buenavista del Norte, a beautiful seaside village with its pebble beach and, spectacular views. On the way, you will pass by Having left the village of Los Silos where excursions and walking routes to the mountains start; black caves, wheat land…

Punta del Teno, is the western end of the island, and is accessed by bus from Buenavista del Norte or by your own vehicle within the established time. From here you can see Los Gigantes, beautiful and huge mountains that are already heading south.

From Buenavista you can access the south through the park of Masca, highly recommended for its spectacular views. There are quite a few bends in the road curves and, being mountainous, the route is steep.

If we head east, we will find several small villages; La Guancha, San Juan de la Rambla…, before reaching Puerto de la Cruz. It is worth a visit to this picturesque large town, where you will find a lot of atmosphere; restaurants, ice cream parlours, souvenir shops, supermarkets, surfing…

Continuing east, we find La Orotava, with its picturesque historic centre. An essential visit for the visitor.

We continue with coastal villages until we reach La Laguna, a University town which is also an essential visit. And finally you reach the capital of Tenerife, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, interesting also for its large parks, green areas and its long ramblas and promenades. Of course it offers a wide variety of restaurants, shops etc

And on the way south; a necessary stop in La Candelaria and the villages of the south coast, where you will find sandy beaches, lots of heat and a lot of tourism.